Become a Goddess Warrior for Peace through the guiding wisdom of these 20 extraordinary women!  

Seane Corn

Judith Hanson Lasater

Deva Premal

Purnima Ramakrishnan

Anodea Judith

Amy Weintraub

Cyndi Lee

Dianne Bondy

Sierra Bender

Priti Robyn Ross

Jovinna Chan

Amy Ippoliti

Kelly Blaser

Laura Amazzone

Sarah Hutchinson

Erica Mather

Coby Kozlowski

Terra Christoff

with Hosts

Laura Cornell

Jane Meinz

Dear Friend,

I’m so happy you found this page. It’s time for us to elevate our collective courage and be inspired together to create true peace!

You’re in the right place if you…

  • Feel powerless in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles to world peace
  • Have the will and desire to be a peacemaker, but aren’t sure where to start
  • Currently serve students/clients who are suffering & fearful, and you're not sure how to best support them
  • Yearn for guidance and inspiration from courageous leaders committed to peace
  • Believe the feminine path can lead us to a global shift at this pivotal moment in history

These leaders will show us how to move through fear & inaction to become true visionaries for peace

As yoginis, teachers and healing practitioners, we are in a unique position to be powerful agents of change in the world ~ true peacemakers! 

And as women, we have the opportunity to become Goddess Warriors for a new paradigm for peace ~ grounded in the feminine qualities of connection, compassion, unity and love. 

In these practical and inspirational interviews, you will learn to:

  • Vigilantly protect and strengthen your own inner peace ~ the first step to global peace
  • Allow your heart to break wide open and access deeper levels of resilience and wisdom
  • Awaken the warrior goddess within to overcome fear and clearly stand for what is right
  • Join the feminine spirit groundswell to defend our planet and our future’s children
  • Draw on the power and vibrancy of women coming together to raise our collective vibration and elevate our communal courage
  • Step up as an innovative leader in this new era, one moved by fierce compassion
  • Call forth the most powerful force on the planet ~ LOVE ~ to heal our troubled world

Get ready to kindle the flame of inner peace, so you become a beacon for the world

Participation is FREE!

The featured guests in this telesummit are generously donating their time because they care so much about cultivating peace and inspiring others to do the same. You can access this packed online event at NO COST. All you need is a computer or phone to participate from anywhere in the world.

The event is happening live February 27 – March 2. Don’t miss it!

PLUS ~ As an added bonus this year, I will be broadcasting LIVE on Facebook every day at 11am PST during the summit. My Facebook Live Peace Challenge will provide a forum for integration, deeper reflection, and live connection with our community. Watch for an email with details and plan to join me LIVE! 

Register for the telesummit now by entering your name and email here:

You’ll Learn the 3 Key Stages of Empowerment as a Goddess Warrior for Peace 

STAGE 1 ==> Strengthen your own INNER PEACE

Open the channels of the heart that lead to healing

STAGE 2 ==> Gather WITH OTHER WOMEN committed to the same path

Weave the magic of the Feminine Path to Peace through connection and compassion 

STAGE 3 ==> Lead in the world from a place of FEARLESSNESS & LOVE

Draw inspiration from the Goddess and Visionary Leaders of our time

A preview of what some of our speakers will be sharing:

Seane Corn shares her experiences as a true global ambassador for peace, healing the planet through seva, social justice and yoga.

Anodea Judith describes the ongoing global shift from the “love of power” to the “power of love” ~ and shows you how to be a part of it!

Deva Premal teaches how to rest in your essence to experience peace within.

Purnima Ramakrishnan shares her global perspective on the Feminine Path to Peace through motherhood and diversity.

Judith Lasater offers that as women, we can find our spirituality in our bodies as a path to living an integrated, peaceful life.

Amy Weintraub shows how heartbreak can allow you to become a catalyst for peace in the world

Cyndi Lee asks how you can create “imprints of calm abiding” to support wholehearted enthusiasm, passion and righteous anger. 

Dianne Bondy inspires you to radical self-acceptance and “unapologetic living.”

Sierra Bender lays out the path to women’s empowerment through healing your lineage, right down to your DNA! 

Priti Robyn Ross explores Anjali Mudra as a sacred symbol that cultivates equanimity within, enabling you to serve with composure and compassion.

Jovinna Chan guides you to alter the future of humanity by bringing the feminine qualities of love and consciousness into a violent world.  

Amy Ippoliti encourages you to step up as an innovative leader in this new era ~ one who stands for human connection and caring.

Kelly Blaser discusses the foundation of sustainable spiritual activism: a clear understanding of yourself and the ways you get stuck in life. 

Laura Amazzone considers how the fierce compassion of Goddess Durga can help you summon inner strength & courage

Sarah Hutchinson shares insights from the Bhagavad Gita about yoga’s highest potential: the cultivation of peace through skill in action.

Erica Mather implores you to consider how your inner work can sustain you, and others who are oppressed, in a violent world.  

Coby Kozlowski encourages you to say “yes” to your innate leadership, and joyfully cultivate peace through service.  

Terra Christoff reveals the importance of “living on purpose” to creating a more peaceful world.  

Facebook Live Peace Challenge

In addition to these inspiring interviews, as an added bonus I will be broadcasting LIVE on Facebook every day during the summit. This Facebook Live Peace Challenge broadcast will provide a community forum for integration and deeper reflection on the inspired wisdom that our guests are sharing. 

Join me every day to explore a different theme related to our speakers’ provocative interviews:

  • Day 1: “Raise Your Vibration for World Peace” 
  • Day 2: “Meditate for World Peace”
  • Day 3: “Live Your Life Purpose for World Peace”
  • Day 4: “Become Courage for World Peace”

 After you register ~ watch for an email with details and plan to join me LIVE!

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Where is this event taking place?

Wherever you are!

You can literally call in from anywhere in the world and be connected with our event. All you need is a computer or a phone.

Participation is easy!

Once you register by entering your name and email, you’ll be taken to the schedule page. You’ll also receive call-in details by email so you can listen live or via web. And if you have to miss a call, recordings will be available, so no worries!

Are you ready to join a growing movement for peace, even in the midst of the most troubling times?

This telesummit is a place for women to come together to support, inspire, and uplift each other in a common cause for peace ~ within ourselves, and in the world. 

Won’t you join us?

With so many blessings,

Laura Cornell, PhD

Divine Feminine Yogini and Sacred Business Mentor

Telesummit Director

Jane Meinz, MA

Telesummit Co-Host

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